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IDC & Sales Layer Report: PIM System in the Cloud

Why PIM is driving sales for manufacturers and retail.
Deliver better product experiences and improve conversion with PIM. 

Modern PIM applications, designed for the eCommerce era, offer a single system of truth for commerce, enabling merchants to ingest, manage, and syndicate product details wherever their customers are.

The quality of a brand's product information can make or break a customer interaction and directly impact the bottom line. With elevated customer expectations, the quality of product information can make or break the customer experience. While accurate, engaging, and current product data and content are likely to boost conversion, poorly maintained product information can cause a company to lose sales to the competition.

This"customer centric" movement is expected to only accelerate in commerce in the coming 24 months, with digital commerce accounting for a greater share of all sales.

"Over the past couple years, many retailers and manufacturers have seen eCommerce transform from a “nice to have” to being the engine driving their business forward. In this new digital economy, B2C and B2B customers have high expectations when they engage with a brand across any device or channel,” said Jordan Jewell, IDC’s Research Manager for Digital Commerce. “Product Information Management (PIM) has become an essential tool for sellers to deliver engaging, consistent, and personalized commerce experiences in this environment. Sales Layer is a PIM provider built for the eCommerce era, with a dedication to ease of use, scalability, and collaboration."
Jordan Jewell
Research Manager, Digital Commerce

Key Takeaways from the Analyst Report


B2C and B2B customers expect a new customer journey


Modern PIM applications offer a single system of truth for commerce


PIM systems directly impact the bottom line


Ecommerce will grow to over 20% in 2022


PIM has a faster growth than the technology market as a whole


Modern commerce demands better product information
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Get access now to:

  • Key Functions of Product Information Management
  • Challenges for retailers and manufacturers
  • How Sales Layer brings cloud PIM to the midmarket
  • Benefits of purpose-built PIM software in the cloud
  • Trends in the PIM and digital commerce markets