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Checklist PIM system in 3 steps

Checklist: find out if your company needs a PIM

Thousands of SKUs, accelerating product launches, new sales channels... Constant ecommerce stress?
Find out if your team needs a PIM system NOW to centralise product information, improve sales conversion and streamline your day-to-day catalog maintenance.

Scenarios where you should make an emergency call for PIM


Thousands of SKUs, technical specs and files


Omnichannel strategy and sales diversification


Daily data editing, imports and exports


Sales or distribution in several languages and countries


An unremarkable shopping experience


Few conversions and high abandonment and returns rates
Checklist to discover if you need a PIM

The impact of PIM on your business

  • More efficient and organized data governance.
  • Control and history of logins and revisions.
  • Simpler and less costly content management.
  • Automated maintenance for catalogs and channels.
  • Product information quality reports.