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AliExpress is the Alibaba Group’s B2C ecommerce platform and has been operating worldwide since 2010. Its expansion into Europe is well underway and the group is now opening physical stores in the continent.

If you are thinking of selling your products on AliExpress, this is the perfect moment. The AliExpress app is growing worldwide and is now challenging Amazon in many territories. The group is undergoing rapid growth and intends to become the become the market leader in online retail.

Adding your catalog to the marketplace can take time and investment, and that’s where PIM can make a difference.

Why sell products in the AliExpress marketplace?

  • More than 40 million visits per month
  • Sell your products online in 20 countries in Europe
  • Register your own brand
  • Wide variety of product categories
  • Unlimited products per account
  • Become one of the leading sellers in the European AliExpress market
  • Promotion and marketing actions in events with vendors
  • Great exhibition of technological and electronic products

How Sales Layer’s PIM can help you manage your products on AliExpress

  1. We replicate the structure of the AliExpress connector using Excel. Your product information is then filled in and synced with the PIM to maintain 100% accuracy between you catalog and the platform.
  2. Once the template is loaded, the Sales Layer connector maps fields and can fill them in dynamically, depending on the product category.
  3. With the Sales Layer PIM, all the product data required by AliExpress is included. By enriching this data with the quality reporting feature, your products can stand out among the competition.
  4. We generate a URL that you can add to your AliExpress account, so that the marketplace collects the updated product information in your Sales Layer PIM. Automatic, regular and effortless.
  5. If you prefer, you can also directly download the AliExpress template and add it to the Sales Layer PIM, which ensures a fast and secure import and export of the data.

The advantages of PIM for your marketplaces strategy

The Sales Layer PIM is much more than an ecommerce connector. PIM helps companies benefit from management, distribution and sales strategy of product catalogs:

  • Synchronize product information on all your sales channels
  • Customize and send product data for multiple marketplaces: Amazon, Google Shopping, Leroy Merlin, Facebook, MercadoLibre ...
  • Make updates and corrections of automatic and real-time data
  • Create digital and printed catalogs quickly and without errors
  • Share catalogs in public or private mode, instantly, with whoever you want

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