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Buyers no longer use Google as a means of evaluating products. More and more, customers use Amazon as a trusted place to compare and contrast products on their wishlist. Amazon makes the perfect online shop window and also inspires confidence in your customers.

If you sell, or are planning to sell on Amazon, you need to get the best exposure of your products to increase your sales opportunities. But keeping your product information up to date isn’t as simple as it seems.

Using Sales Layer, all of this information is centralized across your whole catalog, and shared easily and intuitively. Our Amazon connector is unique in how it helps sales and marketing teams increase the visibility of their brand on the world’s biggest marketplace.

Connect your PIM, see immediate results:

  • Send your information to Amazon with complete accuracy
  • Update your products automatically
  • Adapt the different formats of your products
  • Improve the quality of your product information on Amazon

Why is Amazon important?

Amazon has changed the face of online shopping forever. Top brands know that having a strong presence on Amazon, even if it’s only a portion of their catalog, means access to more customers, period.

But to reach these customers, brands are expected to meet Amazon’s stringent product data templates, obligatory fields, recommended fields and optional fields, all of this varying between departments and the product types.

Sales Layer’s PIM software allows a connection to these templates from a cloud-hosted database, with all of the information held in one place, updated in the blink of an eye.

Use Sales Layer to choose the connectivity you prefer:

Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon buys and sells your products in the marketplace. This option is mostly used by manufacturers and distributors. The Sales Layer connector automates task such as sending image copies tagged with the manufacturer’s EAN code.

Amazon Seller Central

Sell your products directly to clients on Amazon. You can take control of the orders and deliveries, or you can use Amazon’s own logistics service.

Boost your sales with Amazon and Sales Layer

Complete integration with Amazon

With Sales Layer’s connector, you can increase the quality of all of your product content on Amazon, speed up the sending of accurate information and optimize your presence on the marketplace.

Connect your products to Amazon with a PIM

Sales Layer intuitively maps the information in your PIM to the required fields on Amazon, at speed, and with little effort.

Meet Amazon’s criteria

Our software generates automated reports on the quality of your data, sending notifications of products that are not meeting Amazon’s minimum requirements.

Automate your work on Amazon with Sales Layer

  • Simple installation of the Amazon connector
  • Save hours of manual work in updating your products
  • Lower your error rate and redundant information
  • Configure your templates once only, and sync them in one click
  • Check and control information sent to Amazon from any device, anywhere


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