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Magento is one of the biggest open-source ecommerce platforms in the world. Like most open-source giants of ecommerce, it’s easy to get lost when you’re connecting your systems.

Magento is complex, but has huge benefits and fully customisable modules. With Sales Layer, you can integrate all of your product catalogs into the PIM.

Accelerated results in Magento with PIM

At Sales Layer we’ve developed a connector that will work seamlessly with Magento. This connector does all of the (insanely complex) work in the background, intuitively organizing all of the information before it is sent out to your marketplaces.

You can be sure that everything is in order and all of your data is being sent with the automated updates you've made in the PIM.


A PIM without a Magento connector


Sales Layer with the Magento connector

Connect your platform on Magento to Sales Layer

Assisted installation

A PIM integration on your Magento platform allows you to manage all of your product information and get your products to market faster.

Real-time sync

Improve your users’ buying experience and increase your sales knowing your information is always completely up to date.

Control of your catalog

Control your supply lines better, offer your providers and distributors access to the parts of your information you want them to see.

Integrated network

Communicate better with your teams and your clients and make sure your brand shouts loud in the right places.

Sales Layer integrates all of your marketing assets with Magento

  • Simple products (basic product information)
  • Configurable products (variants of the same product)
  • Marketing materials (images and videos)

Turn your Excel spreadsheet into an online store

  1. Import your data to the PIM from an Excel spreadsheet
  2. Install your Magento connector: ready in one week
  3. Start the automatic synchronization between Magento’s data fields and your PIM
  4. Great! You now have a fully customisable, cloud-hosted catalog. Connected to your favourite ecommerce platform

Connect your Magento Platform to Sales Layer

Sync your databases with a PIM and take control of your product experience
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