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Behind any great online business there is a powerful platform, and PrestaShop is of the very best.

Connected with Sales Layer’s PIM, you can automate your Product Information flowing out to any ecommerce channel. Any changes you make in PrestaShop, will automatically change in any of the marketplaces you sell on.

This connection from your store to the world will give you:

  • Real-time product updates on any connected marketplace
  • Unique connections that match the requirement of each sale point
  • Reporting on the quality of your product information
  • Improved visibility of your account activity
  • Unlimited SKUs, users, and channel for your outgoing information

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an open-source ecommerce platform which is free to use with paid upgrades. Now a multinational, PrestaShop maintains its headquarters in Paris, with offices across the world.

Using its open-source base code, PrestaShop is totally customizable, from webpages, to look and feel, to integrations, PrestaShop will adapt to the needs of any ecommerce business. Developers have full access to the code, and though it may be tricky for beginners, the beauty of PrestaShop is in its versatility.

As an open source platform, PrestaShop offers infinite customization and a wealth of features to suit any ecommerce business:

  • Create products with variants from a list of attributes using the combinations generator
  • Attaching files or display additional information in product pages
  • Quickly create products to sell online
  • Create packs of products
  • Set a minimal quantity to purchase for some products

What is PrestaShop Ready?

PrestaShop Ready is a more agile and faster way to set up your ecommerce store.

A problem for new businesses using PrestaShop is the complex setup process. PrestaShop are now addressing this need with their plug and play PrestaShop Ready platform for users who want to set up and start selling quickly.

How will the Sales Layer connection help your business?

Knowing the challenges of ecommerce today, Sales Layer offers a Product Information Manager that can be connected directly to PrestaShop.

Customers nowadays spend less than one second on each product while browsing. With that level of competition, every single little piece of help you can get can make the difference.

Worldwide connections to sales platforms

The information in your PIM is held up to date at all times. The connector then sends that data automatically and in real-time to PrestaShop and other marketplaces you may have connections for (Amazon, Google Manufacturer Center, Shopify, etc).

Clean, simple Product Information Management

With your data stored in a centralized platform, you can work in one single place and choose which data you want to send by product family, category, individual products and custom tags.

A simple way to scale up your business

With Sales Layer, you can focus on making sure you are focusing on what’s important for your business, your clients, your support, and your bottom line. Let Sales Layer take care of the details.


The Sales Layer PrestaShop connector

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