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If you work in ecommerce, and even if you don’t, the chances are you’ve run into Shopify at some point.

That’s because Shopify is the biggest online ecommerce platform, incorporating shopfronts, payment gates, shipping and products.

Shopify powers some of the biggest online brands: Budweiser, Penguin Books, Tesla Motors, Red Bull and Nestle.

Because they know that to be successful online you can’t do it alone. You need to have all of the plugins and systems that Shopify offers to get your business running like clockwork.

Connect your product information to Shopify via the Sales Layer PIM and take control of:

  • Multi language connected fields
  • Single source information for all of your products
  • Multiple inbound and outbound connectors

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform designed to help online businesses quickly build their stores and payment gateways to reach online audiences with very little investment. The platform has now grown into an ecommerce giant thanks to the almost limitless plugins and features at its disposal.

To build your ecommerce, Shopify provides a simple user interface with thousands of templates to quickly build your ecommerce website. You can then use the Shopify’s editing suite to get your online store looking exactly how you want it.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify offer enterprise level resources for businesses and brands trading online. Shopify Plus offers a hosted, serviced ecommerce platform designed to scale businesses at speed. Shopify Plus addresses challenges unique to larger brands that need simplicity and predictability in their business models.

  • Maximized website uptime
  • Improved deployment in international markets
  • Multiple product templates
  • Fully customizable frontend and custom reporting
  • Inventory management

And this is to name only a few of the advantages.

Connecting these features the power of a PIM gives businesses the agility they need to manage thousands of SKUs in multiple languages and automatically send them to the marketplaces of their choice.

Shopify and Sales Layer - Powering up your business

Connect to Shopify with Product Information Management

If you are using, or evaluating Shopify as your ecommerce platform, Sales Layer can connect your product catalogs to the platform. The result will be a cloud based product information catalogs, and the most efficient way to keep your information updated and consistent in your Shopify account.

Connect your products with PIM

At Sales Layer, we have created the connectors you need to get your catalogue working in real-time and seamlessly with Shopify. With an uber-simple setup process, Sales Layer’s PIM can be set up with Shopify to give you the fastest and most agile way to get all of your products’ information, descriptions and images into one single platform.

Sync your business to the world

Sync all of your Shopify products, create multiple instances across thousands of channels and manage them with ease.

Simple, intuitive setup

You don’t need a tech team to set up Sales Layer. Our systems are designed to help businesses. We design our platform to be user friendly, making the complexity of product information as simple as possible, all the magic happens in the background.


Sales Layer can auto generate online catalogs in real time. All of the information and images in your PIM can be passed to a URL which can be adapted on the fly, to deliver the right products and categories to your distributors and your clients.

Scale up your business with Shopify and Sales Layer

The power of Shopify, connected with your cloud-based product information in Sales Layer will give you complete control to streamline your product information processes and grow an ecosystem that is adaptable, agile, and scalable.

  • Connect your catalog to the 1500+ extensions and applications in Shopify
  • Create a beautiful storefront with a powerful sales model behind it
  • Easily add your products, images, specifications and descriptions


Connect your Shopify Platform to Sales Layer

Sync your databases with your PIM and take control of the product experience
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