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WordPress is used across the internet to create simple blogs to global business. Over 30% of websites on the internet use WordPress. It is simply the most agile, most adaptable, and most powerful platform to run a website.

Many businesses run their product catalogs, their product images and their product information in WordPress.

This data makes up the very heart of the business, from the design team to the sales team, the website can be used as an “at a glance” catalog, so it’s essential that this information is consistent and regularly updated.

Enter. Sales Layer.

Sales Layer, coupled with WordPress will give you all of the flexibility you need:

  • Connect your WordPress site to any third party app
  • Centralize of all your data in the cloud
  • Connect your content to print apps such as Easy Catalog for Adobe InDesign
  • Check the quality of your data with automated reports
  • Keep a tighter handle on the consistency of your brand

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It is used worldwide to power websites of every type; from design portfolios to multinational manufacturers, WordPress offers features for every eventuality.

It is an open-source tool which is downloadable and free to use by anyone in the world. It is constantly improved and updated by developers across the world, and new plugins, features and add ons are added daily.

  • Open source CMS
  • 5 minute installation
  • Access to design themes
  • Thousands of plugins and features
  • Fully customizable

How will the Sales Layer and WordPress help your business?

Sales Layer is a Product Information Management tool which turns your WordPress website a fully automated catalog for every department of your business.

If you need to manage your catalogs across your business and your teams, Sales Layer is the perfect way to get your data under control and ready to send information to wherever it is needed.

  • For Sales teams, access to specific parts of your catalog.
  • For design teams, connectors to catalog design apps that can automatically create catalogs.
  • For admin teams, immediate access to specific information to create reports and manage tasks.

WordPress is the power behind the internet

Using your WordPress CMS, you can create custom websites with all of the functionality you need for your business. Bloomberg, Disney, Sony, the BBC, MTV, and The New York Times all use WordPress for their websites.

Give your WordPress site a power boost

Having a fully automated Product Information System as a centralized silo for all of your information means you can easily update and manage your catalog. You can easily connect it to the apps your business needs and get information to your teams and your customers at speed.

WordPress and Sales Layer work harmoniously

Sales Layer has a custom connector for the WordPress CMS. It makes your information accessible to the right people at the right time. You can give permissions to users and create catalogs in real time, both digitally and ready for printing.

The agile way to grow your business

Using Sales Layer, you have the best way to manage your product information, leaving you time to focus on what your business needs. With clean data, fully connected to your business systems, you can concentrate on your brand and your customers.


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