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How to get the most out of your PIM

30 min

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Do you want to know ALL that a PIM system can do for you? 

Maximize all its potential and achieve the success of your project in our free webinar that you can now watch whenever you want.

We review some basic concepts about PIM, such as the best way to organize your product data, and you'll find some really practical tips on how to use the software.

Everything you will learn: 

  • Basic concepts about PIM.
  • Tips for successful implementations.
  • How to optimize work, and save time and margin of error.
  • How to work with tools such as Time Layer or quality reports.
  • Project management: working with a PIM/Project Manager.
  • Tips for using fields and forms with practical examples.

Hosted by


Celia Ruiz

Customer Success Manager, Sales Layer


Fran Puerto

Customer Success Manager, Sales Layer


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