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Webinar Multi-language websites

How to run a multi- language website

Live Webinar - Thursday 26th November, 4pm (GMT+1)

At the end of the day, not every customer speaks English. Adding new languages opens doors for new markets and definitely helps brands to increase their reach.

If you have a lot of products, managing product information in multiple languages can become a very hard task to handle. Without a PIM, doing so can be impossible but even with a PIM, this is not easy to handle.

In this webinar, Sales Layer invites the specialist Emre Güneş to share his experience with an international lighting manufacturer.

Discover how to manage the entire PIM implementation process from start to finish. 450 categories, 4500 products, 120 000 variants, 12 languages, 12 millions documents to generate... How to manage "the chaos" with PIM, efficiently?

You’ll learn

  • Why PIM is crucial if you want to manage product data in multiple languages.
  • How to structure data in PIM to have least problems with languages.
  • How to automate the website and spec sheets.
  • Lessons learned from an implementation process from an expert.

Hosted by

Kyle Richardson Sales Layer

Kyle Richardson
International Sales Executive, Sales Layer

Emre Güneş Ağustos

Emre Güneş
Co-founder, Ağustos Teknoloji

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