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Master the management of thousands of SKUs with a revolutionary platform: easy, cost-effective and highly productive

namuk caso de éxito

"Managing thousands of SKUs would not be possible for us without Sales Layer."

As a children's fashion brand that regularly updates its catalog, the namuk team faced obstacles due to inefficient and repetitive tasks in managing product data. They lacked the real-time support necessary to upload and update data seamlessly across all their B2C and B2B sales channels.

Sales Layer provided namuk with an extensive catalog of export channels and additional connectors they were seeking. Not only did it effectively centralize their product information, it also facilitated the management of their international and multilingual website on Shopify. Sales Layer PIM enabled direct integration of namuk's data with B2B sales platforms.

Discover the advantages of Sales Layer, which boasts the fastest and most agile PIM onboarding process in the market, and the positive impact it has had on namuk's internal workflows, leading to heightened productivity and reduced time spent on data requests.





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