Product Management for the Digital Era

An online course for the marketing leaders of the digital transformation

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The life of a product marketer would be nothing without that magician trunk in which he keeps his strategies and effective tools for the entire product launching process. Are you sure your briefcase is up to date, or perhaps you are still carrying the weight of too many outdated tricks?

In Sales Layer's course for Product Marketers of the digital era you will find tips on strategy, market and competitor analysis, launching new products and managing information and product content. Whether you are a newcomer or a more experienced product manager, it never hurts to update the effectiveness of your professional secrets and to learn more about the scenario in which we currently find ourselves.

Because everything is about to change again ...

How is the digital era affecting Product Marketing?

Product marketing has been affected by the digitalization of companies and the technological and digital approach to e-commerce. The dizzying pace at which the tools of a product marketer are updated and redesigned requires more attention than ever. It is easy to fall behind without realizing it.

How has the complexity of product marketing changed and what does a company have to do to be competitive in this new era? We show you everything in the next Sales Layer course.

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