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PIM is the most versatile tool to connect your product information. Now see it working with Excel.

Organize your Excel tables and fields perfectly with the information you need and control access and permissions for your external suppliers and providers.

Choose, delete, check, hide and select your document’s fields with total freedom: All the information in your PIM is totally secure.

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“Thanks to Sales Layer we’ve centralized multiple versions of the same product, with complex combinations and product formats that are synchronized on one datasheet.”

Robert Giner of Das Audio

Robert Giner - Marketing Director, DAS Audio

This is how a PIM works with Excel

Infinite connectors

Working with Excel is no longer a stuffy old job: you can build out the sophisticated connections you need, in the configuration of your choice.

Save time working with filters, tags and formulas. With an Excel connector you can update prices with tax and commissions unique to each country, activate sales during certain times, in every one of your sales platforms, simultaneously.


Check who has downloaded information from your PIM and when, right down to the day, hour, and second. You can even see when information has been sent to your ecommerce platforms such as Magento or Shopify.


Filter your outgoing content according to your business needs and apply formulas based on the logic you need for each field.

Data editing

Select the elements of information you need to export for different sales materials as catalogs for fairs and events.


Import the templates you need and fill them with the information required by each marketplace such as Amazon or eBay.

Organise your product information in Excel with Sales Layer

Sync your databases with a PIM and take control of your product experience
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